August 3, 2011

Surefire Ways to Get a Better Body Even if You’re a Beginner

Surefire Ways to Get a Better Body Even if You’re a BeginnerOkay, so I just watched Captain America and I could see a lot of status updates of people who want to be like him. Captain America (Steve Rogers) came from being a skinny guy to one big muscle guy. Captain America was used on an experiment involving a serum to make him a muscle guy though, there is no such thing for now. Not even steroids can make you like that. Don’t try any steroids, it might make you look like the villain Red Skull.

The best and sure-fire way to achieve a Captain America physique is following the slow and sure-fire way to success. No questionable routines, no fake 2 week training to gain 6-pack abs just pure scientifically proven exercise. But before you focus on these workouts, you should know a few bodybuilding tips first to start on your own. Here’s a list of the stuff you need to know to start your bodybuilding path to fitness.

First, you have to have a fitness goal. You have to have something to keep you pushing. It can be as simple as gaining or losing 5 lbs. and then as you reach your goals go for bigger and grander ones. Don’t forget set a limit because most bodybuilders end up not being satisfied with their bodies ever. For some bodybuilders, it works for them though. I wouldn’t recommend this approach if you don’t make a living through bodybuilding. Your life should strike a balance between time for work, time for yourself, time for your family and time for yourself. You can even crunch in some other priority but my point is, don’t make bodybuilding your life. Learn to stop at a certain point.
Im gonna be Captain America!
You can actually look for a bodybuilder you really admire. Keep a picture somewhere so that that bodybuilder will remind you of your goal. Keep it where you always see it. Don’t put it on your wallet because your girlfriend might think you’re a homo.

Second, you have to consult your doctor. You might need a pill or two or just extra vitamins for your workout. You may also be restricted to do some exercises too. Sometimes there’s something wrong with you but you don’t know it until an expert finds out.
Look for a nice gym in your area. Don’t look for the flashiest gym. Look for a gym you’d love to work-out on. Don’t settle for the nearest one. Look around for a place you can work your ass. You may look for a far enough gym so that you can jog your way to it.

After finding the best gym for you, find a nice personal trainer. If you’re a total beginner, chances are you don’t know how to use the gym equipment and if you don’t have one, you’ll end up using random machines and free weights. It’s also dangerous if you work out without proper form.

Next, prepare going to the gym. Try wearing breathable clothing. You’ll be sweating a lot. No need to buy new and expensive state of the art clothing. Cotton clothes are already enough. You don’t go to the gym to flirt anyway. Bring two towels, one for your sweat and one for taking your shower. If you sweat a lot more, bring extra. For proper bodybuilding hygiene click (link from TMD).
In the gym, don’t panic. If you are intimidated at the other men flexing their muscles and/or carrying super heavy weights, don’t worry they don’t mind you, they are minding their own business. If you think about it, they were skinny or fat once in their life too. Everyone starts out with nothing. Treat it as your new beginning. It’s best to have a gym buddy too. Find someone who’s about the same size and fitness goal as you.

Make a training log. Write your progress. Write down your weight, and how much of each exercise you can make so far. Increase weight resistance every other week. 5 lbs. extra is good for starters, less is ok don’t worry. As long as you add a bit, it’ll help you in the long run. A training log not only helps you record and see your progress, it can even help motivate you. Seeing your progress from the beginning to present will make you feel a lot better. Don’t forget to look at yourself in the mirror and see the results. Take pictures!

Be careful not to over-train though. It doesn’t help when you exert yourself too much. Your muscles will grow whenever you present stress and challenge but you must leave room for recovery. The process is always like this.

A bodybuilder’s workout is only as good as the bodybuilding diet. Without proper nutrition, you will never grow big. Consult an expert or a book about bodybuilding nutrition. The internet is also a nice place to look for. It’s difficult to focus on what to eat at first so divert that attention on what not to eat. Stuff you don’t need to eat is usually man-made food. Processed foods are always treated as not good for the health. Unprocessed food like fruits and vegetables is always the best. But don’t worry about trying to give up the food you love. Try to move to your new bodybuilding diet slowly. Take your time. The greatest bodybuilder didn’t become what they were in just one month. It took them years to be masters.

Never ever make excuses of not going to the gym. When you commit yourself to something, do it with gusto. There are always ways to stick to your plan. Excuses are for losers.

Be prepared to sacrifice your vices. Smoking and drinking is not good for bodybuilding. Try to limit intake and then gradually remove vices from your system. Smoking makes you breathe harder, and drinking beer gives you the beer belly. There are a lot of bodybuilders who never have 6-pack abs because they never quit drinking.

Never ever get tempted to go the fast lane and use steroids. Steroids will destroy you. Steroids destroy your liver, kidneys and the heart by presenting too much stress on all. It will lower the release of testosterone and increase estrogen levels, giving you those man boobs! It might also cause acne, there is also a slight chance of being agitated easily. This is called “roid-rage” in the bodybuilding world. Plus, it will lower your sperm count! See? Don’t use steroids!
Steroids would hurt you!
There are a lot more to learn. But stick with the basics first and then everything will just follow. You just have to have the will to do it. Just like Captain America right? Captain America was a nobody in the beginning. He was a skinny guy who kept pushing, wanting to be a hero. It was just a matter of faith. In the end, he became a superhero. You can be one too newbie.

Well what are you waiting for soldier? Move! Move! Move!

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