August 5, 2011

Lean Muscle vs. Bulky Muscle

You see two kinds of bodybuilders, the lean types and the bulky types. You are new to bodybuilding and you don’t know who to follow. It’s really hard when you’re a beginner right? There is just too much information out there and the gym is very intimidating. You try to look around and then you get confused a lot more. Some losers quit after a few days or weeks, are you one of them? If not, read on.

I have friends who despise lean muscled men, these friends are on the bulky side of the coin. They think that lean muscle looks skinny. They think being lean is weak. “Everyone should get bigger and bigger” they say. “What’s the point of bodybuilding if you aren’t growing?” Somehow, it does sound right.

On the other side, I have friends who don’t care about being bulky. They think the bulky ones look very intimidating and that being lean means better chances of landing in bed with a lady. In my personal observation, they are quite right. More of them get the chicks, but that might be only true because they don’t spend the rest of their day at the gym muscle building.

Lean Muscle vs. Bulky Muscle
Now let me ask you a question, do you want to be Brad Pitt or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Do you want to be Green Lantern or Captain America? Wolverine or Thor? Bruce Lee or Jean Claude Van Dame? This pretty much would sum up what you want to be in the bodybuilding world. It’s just a matter of your choice, not everyone else’ choice.

What about me? I think I prefer to be on the lean side. But that’s just a bit on the leaner side. I want to slightly look big too.

Now that you have a better idea of what you want to be like, how can you be like that?

Bodybuilding Bulky Recipe:

For maximum gains in muscle size, go lift heavier weights with less reps. Low reps mean 5-7 reps for 3 sets. Use a weight that is heavy enough for you to feel the pressure on the 4th or 5th. You should rest for about 1 minute but not more than 2 minutes per repetition. As discussed in an earlier article of TMD, lower reps means more muscle gains. Bulk up by eating more and more healthy foods.
For skinny men, it will be harder for you guys to get bigger. You’ll have to eat more protein rich foods. Eat 5-7 meals per day. Try using supplements like protein shakes, whey protein, glutamine and creatine. You can cut down on cardio but never ever remove it from your workout. Twice a week is okay.

Bulky Muscle vs. Lean Muscle

Bodybuilding Lean Recipe:

Getting leaner is not exactly the opposite of getting bulkier. You have to get bigger too right? You just have to get cuts and less body fat. The technique here is lighter weights with higher repetitions. Use weights heavy enough for you to gain muscles but light enough to make many repetitions. Have 3 or 4 sets of 12-15 reps some can even go as high as 20 depending on your body type. That’s the thing about body type and genes, no one can have the same gains and losses. Some are just blessed while other just have to train harder.

For people who are skinny, eat less, exercise more that’s your goal if you are skinny. Your job is to get leaner muscles. For people who have bigger body frames, you’ll have to cut back on eating. Bigger people will need to exercise a bit more too. Incorporating extra cardio for 20-30 minutes on your daily routine is needed to get a leaner physique. Remember not to do cardio right before your workout as cardio will burn you out.

Bruce Lee vs. Jean Claude Van Damme

Words of Wisdom:

“Real men are big men” as my bulky friends say. They think that being bulky makes you the greyback, the lion king, and the alpha male. Bulky types don’t usually get into trouble as most people never try to intimidate them.

Getting leaner is a bit trickier to do than bulking up. You’ll have to watch what you eat because you’re trying to rid yourself of that unwanted fat. But that’s totally worth it if it means getting better chances of getting laid.


As we always say here in TMD, there should always be balance in your life. The path you take is a choice you make. No one has to dictate what you want. A real man will know what he wants and pursue it. Getting leaner or bigger is a matter of your choice. And when you choose, stick to it because you want to not because someone else wants you to.

For the love of bodybuilding, it doesn’t matter if you have lean or bulky muscle. Both are muscles and you are a tad better than doing nothing at all. Being fitter gives you the competitive advantage over most people. And that makes all the difference.