October 17, 2011

George St. Pierre UFC 137 Retaining the Title

The George St. Pierre Workout and PhilosophySome muscle builders aren’t contented seeing their muscles grow. Some muscle builders take the next thing, applying what they gain in real life. Just look at the best MMA fighters in the world, they aren’t just training by fighting. They also spend time at the gym trying to lose fat or trying to gain more muscles. More muscles = more power. And every ounce of training translates to better performance in the ring.

Real men don’t just bodybuild for looks, they use their muscles in real life like George St. Pierre. George St. Pierre had already defended his welterweight title in UFC for 6 consecutive times now. He had never lost in 4 years and is continuing to dominate the welterweight category. Saint Pierre’s record is 22-2. And is scheduled to fight to defend his title in UFC 137.

Saint Pierre makes his fights look easy sometimes. However, nothing is easy with this prized fighter from beginning ’til end. At some point in his life, he even worked as a bouncer and a garbage man just to pay for his schooling. That’s like having 3 lives for school and 2 jobs! We at TMD are wondering how much slept he got from that kind of life.

St. Pierre is known to travel around the world just to train with the best Mixed Martial Artists.

So what exactly is GSP’s workout and philosophy?

We at TMD have read tons of articles and videos about the George St. Pierre workout but everything is just mixed. George is actually always trying to reinvent his workout to fit his opponent. Everything on his workout revolves around a philosophy. TMD already compiled the secret of GSP’s workout so just read on and be inspired by this UFC champion.

George St. Pierre Training

1. Train with the best. When you keep on training with people who are better than you, this will keep challenging you to move forward and be a better man yourself. In time, you will be able to match or even surpass them.

2. Always train. If you have a fight or not, you always have to train. How can you fight if you don’t sweat and prepare for the future. The key in MMA and bodybuilding is to not let your body become lame. Because the moment you become lame, that’s the time you wither.

3. You have to have the right mindset. Bodybuilding is an art. You can try to lift the heaviest of weights and still not be able to achieve the look you want. You have to have experts looking at you. You have to have people analyze what’s good for you. Organize your workout in such a way that you will gain the maximum results at the least amount of time. This is called training smart.

4. Train with your goal in mind. Training with an end in sight makes you feel and want to achieve it more. After achieving your goal, what do you do? Create another goal. Keep going. Don’t stop believing. Evolve.

Saint Pierre’s own words:
“Georges St-Pierre continues, “After my first fight with Matt Serra, I was training with one thing in mind: get my revenge. It was the only thing I had in mind. I was not focusing on the guy I was going to fight; I was focusing on getting my revenge against Matt Serra. I was working with a sports psychologist and he said, ‘You haven’t released your brick.’ That’s what he told me. And it was true. I didn’t accept the fact that I had lost. I just wanted to jump in the ring and get my revenge, when in reality I had two fights to go before getting to Matt Serra.”

5. If you worked out and sweat, you must stink a little bit. Don’t forget to shower. George St.Pierre thinks that part of feeling good about yourself if feeling good about yourself too. Have you ever seen George look dirty? This guy looks clean even in the Octagon (except when he’s bloody of course).

What do you think would be the result of the UFC 137 fight between George St. Pierre and Carlos Condit?

We bet it would be George St. Pierre as usual.
George St. Pierre Fighting